Group Distance Energy Healing Testimonials:

Pues me quedé dormida! Pero al día siguiente ayer me levanté con muchísima energía y optimismo. I was very opened  and happy to be alive.

Incluso mi clase de yoga fue mejor. Sonreía al hacer los movimientos y estaba màs concentrada que de costumbre. El catarro ya yéndose.

Muy buena energía, potente. I liked it 💚!

“I felt asleep! The next day I had more energy and optimism! I was very opened  and happy to be alive.

Even I did better in my Yoga class. I was smiling while doing the postures and I was more focused than on other classes. The cold is going away.

Very good energy, powerful!  I liked it 💚!”


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Dear Carlos, thank you so much for your Healing Session! My whole Family had a terrible car accident. And we are back home from hospital and are recovering. 
During your Session I felt so much Peace an Healing Energy in my Body. I am very thankful for that precious gift.
Thank you very much!!
Yours sincerely

I laid down about 5 minutes before the healing and almost forgot about it cos i was so relaxed. And then in one moment i felt like my energy is being ”cleared’ , i felt like something heavy is slowly leaving my body mostly through my hands. I started to feel very light and even more relaxed. Then at some point i felt like the energy around my heart chakra is being ” moved” , like something was happening there and that felt so good. Like some warm hands were giving me this peaceful loving feeling …… That were two, main feelings i felt very strongly. apart from it it felt just nice and relaxing but after i would say 20 minutes i already started to feel i have enough , not in a bad way , just my body started to move and i started to feel more awake and ready to get up 🙂 And thank you so much for this amazing gift and i really enjoy your summit 🙂 so thank you for everything 🙂

Kamila G.

Thank you for all the time and valuable efforts that you dedicate in educating us to live a healthy life.
During the healing session I guess I made myself so relaxed I fell asleep, but I am sure the healing was there.
Thank you. 


Thank you so much for the healing session. I set my alarm for it as it was 5am in Australia. Initial sensation was of pressure in hands and forearms, then varying sensations and restlessness in my body. It then settled over my lungs which are a weak area for me. I feel peaceful this morning and freer in my breathing. Thank you so much, truely appreciated your gift.


I laid down on my yoga mat as I usually do when practicing Jin Shin Juitsu, covered with a light blanket. Within the first few minutes I became so warn I had to remove the blanket. I had been feeling some heart palpitations most of the afternoon, these continued during the session……until the last few minutes. I became very calm, my heart was settled, and I was relaxed. I look forward to the next session, and thank you for sharing the event with everyone.


Thank you Jeanette for helping people with you god-given talents. After some times my body began to release some tensions and this was accompanied by movements. I have had similar experiences during meditation. Towards the end of the session I began to feel restless and impatient. But anyway I am going to tune in to your second healing session which here in Denmark is from 5 am to 6 am. I think only good things will happen although a temporary discomfort may be there during the next 3 days.

Erich Z.


I also wanted to thank you for the distant healing session I joined yesterday.
I felt lots of energy in left side of my head; probably because I suffer from otosclerosis 🙁 and nearly lost all the hearing on my left ear. I have lot of issues in the body sadly but still love it and thank it for what it does for me!
Otosclerosis though is a big issue affecting me … I have started reiki practice to see if that can help and also would love to help others too.
I love energy and energy healing!

Lots of blessing, light and joy….and smiles

Monica A., UK

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for all the work you are doing.
I signed up for your distance healing session but unfortunately was called in to work.

Thanks and appreciation with love and light

Brenda B.


With appreciation… session was awesome. I did feel tingling left side of head.

Thank you

Linda S.

Your Support Helps To Make 
This Project Possible!

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Complete Video Collection
of the 2017 
Including 35+ Video Interviews
& Audio mp3s!!!

Your purchase also includes
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Dear Carlos,

I cannot thank you enogh for this great event and for The beautiful and helpful gifts!

Unfortunately, due to timing 11 PM in NY, i cannot attend The Group session as we go to sleep just
Before 10.PM.

I wish and send my greatest intenționat for healing, joy and happiness to The Group.

Have a wonderful Year and thank you and your Team for this amazing work!

In health and gratitude

Mihaela C.

Thank you very much for your healing session. It was at 11PM last night in my time zone. I felt heat energy in my abdomen and heart areas though I was expecting it in my joints. Must have needed some healing in those areas. It felt great. Thank you again for the time you have generously devoted to all of us. God bless you.

Zoetnil M.

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for doing the session and sharing your light.

Gaga B.

Muchas gracias Carlos!

Aprecio mucho el papel que has adoptado para la curación de este mundo! Espero poder ayudar en este proceso de sanación, aunque no conocía la existencia de esta asociación siento una gran atracción energética hacia tu persona y me llena de confianza. No le fallaré en mi cita!
Happy healing 😀

Marcos M.

Buongiorno Carlos,

Thank you for this marvelous distant healing session.

I was surprised to relax so deeply without going to sleep!
It was like a trance because the dogs were asking to come in and I just couldn’t get up!

After the 30 min I was well awake but went to bed
and felt asleep right a way and slept deeply until 6 a.m.

I wish you a nice weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one !


I slept better than I have had in months. Thanks so much


I slept so peacefully. Had a song Ren session at 11 am and was super receptive.

Thank you for your gift:)


Hello, Carlos and thank you for sharing your gift with us.
I should have put it in my phone with alerts, but I didn’t and forgot!

But, today has been special in the following ways: before bed I realized I wanted to schedule time after waking for meditation and yoga, and this time it happened!

Also, I’ve been aware all day of when I’m thinking negatively about myself which has led to a strong and reawakened sense of connection to the source.

I think I will give us both credit for this opening! Thank you!

Angela M.

During your healing call I felt the energy on my abdomen and heart.

Thank you.


I felt calm, and warm…


My session was at 11 pm my time (Maine) last night.
I had not anticipated spending the night at my son’s house, taking care of his animals.
So I wasn’t sure if the healing session would work, though understanding it is not about time or space.

I was lying on a bed in the dark when I tuned in to you and the group healing.
Though I was not aware of much physically, I immediately saw a lot of small geometric shapes in many colors, each with a smiling face.

I’ve heard of such experiences, but I’ve never seen this before.
I became very relaxed, with a positive feeling. I have experienced intense joint and muscle pain for the past month, with a very specific pain in my right knee.

I don’t like going to doctors, so I have not had a diagnosis. Today, though the aching and the knee pain was still there, it was much reduced. And I’m open to allowing this to be a process….hopefully these things will continue to improve.

I realized AFTER my shower this morning that I had a bad smell under my arms. This means I was cleansing. For me, this was a clue as to the nature of the root cause of the aches and pains. So I’ll consciously choose to continue to detox.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

Carol H.

Thank you Carlos. I felt very relaxed and peaceful.
It was a pleasant experience.


It was very calm and peaceful!

Maria A.

I believe in energy work, as I do Reconnective Healing for my clients.
It’s amazing work and I love doing it.

My experience with your session was not spectacular, but I did feel some heat and experienced some swirling lights with my eyes closed as I always do when I am in deep meditation.

It’s good I set an alarm, as I fell asleep at the end. I still had to go out for several errands afterward. When the alarm sounded, I woke up with a start, and I saw pulsing lights like strobe lights when I opened my eyes, as when I am in deep meditation, and then open my eyes. I had been suffering from the flu that day and the day before, so I still had a headache when we started at 8 p.m. After, I had a headache in a different part of my head, but it was not as strong, and then later while I ran errands, it went away.

I was disappointed that you didn’t have a video of you actually doing the energy healing, that is what I was expecting, and hoping for.

Thank you for the healing energy gift, and your free healing cancer summit.

Kathleen S.

Your Support Helps To Make 
This Project Possible!

Invest and Own
Complete Video Collection
of the 2017 
Including 35+ Video Interviews
& Audio mp3s!!!

Your purchase also includes
over 10 FREE bonus gifts!


Thank you for this super efforts in the conference” healing Cancer in this century”.
I learned a lot through your interviews.
Distance healing session was very relaxing the technique you provided at the begging of the session was very effective and relaxing.
Thank you so much
Thank you very much


Dear Carlos

Thank you for your amazing distance healing.
What a blessing for me and I’m sure for all who participated, it far exceeded my expectations.

Please keep me informed when you will be scheduling another.

I am very grateful!


Thank you for the healing call.
In my time zone it was 11 PM last night.

I felt the energy as heat in my abdomen and heart areas.

It felt great. Thank you again.


I participated for the first time, last night. I was intently watching the election results and really didn’t want to stop watching. However, I kept getting a feeling that Carlos was nudging me to go lie down and take part in the healing. So I gave in and did. I do experience a lot of health issues and want and need help very much. But even with these, I still balk at joining in and either forget or just don’t do it!! Thank goodness I tuned into Carlos or…………. Carlos tuned into me. I can’t say for sure what exactly happened but I am ‘knowing’ that it was helpful. Thanks for the opportunity and the nudge. I hope to have more experiences with your healing energy.


Hi Carlos,

Thank you for the wonderful session. As the session started, I felt an energy move from my feet and went slowly up my body. Then I saw many colors swirling almost in a circle. The colors started with a deep orange then changed to magenta to purple to blue then back to magenta. The colors kept swirling and changing seemingly clockwise. It seemed to settle on blue, then I fell asleep for two hours. I woke up feeling very relaxed yet not fully present, a bit detached from my body. I turned the tv back on to see the unfortunate election results and felt a deep depression happening and unreal. I rarely ever get depressed but felt heavy and still not totally present. I decided to meditate and ask God for more healing. I started to cry which must have released the tension and then I felt completely present finally and relaxed.

Thank you for this experience. I would love to try it again soon. I wish I didn’t fall asleep since I was enjoying all of the colors and sensations, but I suppose I needed to. Thank you again.


I participated in the election. Day session. Although I was nit particilarly stressed about the outcome- I was physically stressed from cancer/ medical issue. Your session made me feel so relaxed. I slept thru the night without a care in the world. Thank you Carlos. I will continue to participate as these healings have been cumulative and I truly feel I’m moving in the righ direction


Hi Carlos,

I did the election healing session. During the session I felt tingling in my left finger tips, and then there was a chill like feeling that envelope my entire body. My left shoulder was soooo heavy with pain it was unbearable at one point but I knew that the healing session was working because prior to the session I felt absolutely no pain in my shoulder. After the session was complete, I had no residual pain in my shoulder. I couldnt believe it. It was well worth doing the session. I’m so happy I joined and got the experience! Thanks, Carlos!!


Dear Carlos

Thank you for the Valentine’s day group healing session tonight…
Once again I felt energy and prickling sensations around my crown chakra
My heart was filled with so much love that spread out through my entire body
My body fel like little pins and needles with little shock waves going through it. Absolutely marvelous sensation!
I opened my eyes feeling very happy, smiling and full of energy💝


Carlos, this time I felt the energy almost as strong as when I have the session in person.

And I felt the energy going to my upper back where I’ve been feeling tension.
I didn’t fall asleep, but I rested well.. longer than usual.
Thank you very much 🙂